Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Knife Re-Handling


This is my favourite kitchen knife. It's a very old freezing works butcher's knife, from way back in the day before they started using plastic-handled knives, and it's been sharpened and sharpened over the decades until now it's reached the proportions of a boning knife.

Its old handle was rimu I think, and it had suffered badly from years and years of being submerged in dishwashing water, and had warped badly. The slot cut to accept the knife tang had splayed open, creating a nasty place for dirt and fat and bacteria to collect. So I decided to make a new handle for it, to keep the knife alive.

I used a piece of oak, which is not an ideal timber for this purpose, but it's what I've got. It's not a fancy handle, but it is functional, which is all it needs to be.

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