Friday, March 15, 2019

The Great School Strike of '19

When I read some nonsense from an upright pillar of the community, be it a headmaster or a politician or whatever, about how outrageous it is that school pupils should have the temerity to disrupt their schooling for one day to make their voices heard on what is a vitally important issue to all of us, in my mind's eye I always imagine them as some gouty bloated bottle-nosed English squire in an overstuffed leather chair in his Gentlemen's Club, going red-faced with apoplexy as he spills his port and brandishes his walking stick, holding forth about the worthlessness of the younger generation and how they should all be thrashed to within an inch of their lives.

It is an image of obsolete social irrelevance that comforts me; such waffling buffoons will surely end up being shunted aside, and good riddance to them. Go the kids.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dunes — woodblock

Woodcut, approx. 340 x 110 mm, oil-based inks

I found this little woodcut I did years and years ago at Hagley, when I was doing the prep course for entry into CPIT's design degree course.

It's a simple thing, but mine own. I quite like it, though I think the colours could do with a bit of refinement.