Friday, November 21, 2014

A Sun-Sittin' Beer-Drinkin' Book-Readin' Garden Nook of DOOOOOM!

I finally finished (maybe finished) the little sun-bench I built out of some treated pine decking I had lying around.

I'm moderately pleased with it, although it could do with some tidying up here and there — my workshop is so crowded with crap that I didn't have room to lay it all out in there, and had to just trust that all my measurements were right... which they mostly were. Certainly, if I were to build another one in this exact same position, I'd do a much better and smoother job.

It's long enough for me to lounge with my legs outstretched, but not long enough to lie down on. That's probably a good thing. The top plate and arm rest on the right are both wide enough to serve as impromptu tables if need be, so I can put my drinks and snacks within easy reach.

I was originally going to paint it charcoal grey to match the wall behind, but I've changed my mind about that. This little nook is so sheltered and catches the sun so successfully, that a dark-painted bench would rapidly become scorching hot. And I have no particular desire to scorch my arse when I sit down.

I could paint it white, but then it would be dazzlingly bright, which would impede my reading enjoyment. Therefore, I think I'll just leave the wood to weather as it will; in a few months it should have gone to a vaguely silver-grey.

I may have to invest in a sun umbrella though. It gets HOT in there.