Friday, July 23, 2021

Table Saw Stand


I have a little old Ryobi table saw that, until very recently, has been attached to the end of Workbench #02. That's mostly been fine, but my workshop is very crowded, and if I wanted to rip anything more than about a metre long, I had to do a lot of moving and shuffling of other equipment to make room.

It seemed to me that it would be easier if I could just move one thing, the saw, so I made this little wheeled stand for it. The wheels are n the right of the saw; they're not really visible in this photo. The wheels are unbraked, but the legs on the other side seem to serve to keep everything pretty stable, and if need be I can always whip up some chocks or something.

The joinery is pretty simple; it's all bridle joints and half-laps, with a lot of glue and screws. It's all pretty solid, nevertheless.

Because my workshop floor is very far from flat, I've added a levelling foot to one of the legs. I'll probably need to put one on the other leg as well, but I'll wait and see.

Another possible accessory would be a hinged flap at the back, so I can extend the table if I want to. That should be pretty straightforward. I'd really like to replace the platen entirely, but all the guts of the saw are bolted directly to it, so that would not be straightforward.

It's not a very good table saw, but it's better than nothing, and now it will be easier to use for ripping long stock, which is what it's mainly designed for.

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