Monday, November 19, 2018


Some time ago I made a bunch of shallow pine boxes, with the intent of turning them into drawers to store some of my multitude of toys in. The other day I decided to follow through with that plan, and make a carcase to fit them in to.

What I had forgotten in the interim was that when I made the original batch of boxes, I made one test piece to try out my method. That one box was not the same size as all the others.

So, guess which box I took all the measurements for the carcase from. Mmm-hmmm....

Well anyway, I whipped up a couple more boxes to match the original test box, and turned them into drawers. Now I shall have to do it all over again for the boxes I originally meant it for, but that's not really a big deal since I never, ever have enough storage for all my bits and bobs.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Airbrush Stands

My Badger Patriot, complete with cap-keeper
turned from a little bit of ash.
I designed a bunch of stands for my various airbrushes for 3d printing a while ago, and put the files up on Thingiverse.

Originally, I had all the stands mounted together on a single piece of wood (sapele).

Multi-brush stand... old and busted

However, that proved not to be ideal, as the brushes were a bit too cramped together. I seldom use more than two at a time, so the whole stand took up more space than is necessary. And finally, when my Badger Sotar 20-20 finally turned up after ten months of waiting and increasingly strident complaining, and I designed a stand for it as well, I would have to re-make the wooden plaque to accommodate the extra stand.

So instead I've made individual bases for each stand, out of some kwila, which is dense and heavy, and which provides a good stable base that won't easily be knocked around. Now I can just get out the brushes I want for any given job.