Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yet another little table

 One of the things we're learning about a 'tech at the moment is veneering. It can be fiddly stuff to work with; the standard commercially available stuff is less than a millimetre thick, and some timbers (hardwoods, especially) tend to split very easily under the knife. It's not generally terrifically difficult though, as long as you take a bit of care and don't try to go too fast.

The timbers in this piece are cedar (I think), rimu, kauri, mahogany, black walnut, rewarewa, and the body of the table is made from pink birch.
And here's the veneer in all its mostly symmetrical glory.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Passing of an Era

I'm getting old and staid, and more concerned with comfort than cool, so the time has come for me to sell off my trusty steed. It's a 1994 Yamaha XJR1200 with only 77,147 km on the clock.

At the moment it's not warranted, and the registration is suspended. It will probably need a new back tyre for its next warrant, otherwise it's fine.

I'm looking for $3,500 for it, as is, where is. If I have to take care of the warrant and rego myself, I'll be adding another grand to that.

NOTE: Unless you're in Christchurch, NZ, this is probably going to be of little interest to you, since shipping it anywhere else is bound to bump the price up ridiculously.