Monday, August 31, 2020

Bathroom Flower Arrangement

Annette does some pretty flower arrangements.
This is one of them.

Monday, August 24, 2020

New Computer for Annette

When Annette's last decent computer crapped out, we replaced it (at first) with a HP All-In-One machine that was being disposed of by her work. It seemed pretty good at first contact, and it did have a very nice display, but it turned out (after several hundred dollars of attempted repairs) to be a total lemon.

We tried again with another HP AIO, mainly because it was pretty cheap, but that too turned out to be barely functional. It was grindingly slow, and eventually it fell prey to the AMD video driver curse, which conflicts with the mouse driver and makes the machine almost completely unusable. At first I managed to fix it by rolling back to an earlier driver, but then Windows did a major update which made that impossible.

So, I thought, fuck it. Time for a proper computer.

We reused an old case (though it still needed a new PSU) and the mouse and keyboard, and we got a reconditioned Dell monitor, but everything else is shiny and new and potent and fast. Annette can play Solitaire very, very swiftly.

Everything would be just peachy, except that the Windows 10 installation is terribly unstable; if I tinker at all with any system settings, or attempt to install any software, there's about a 50/50 chance of invoking a BSOD. I suspect some corrupted files in the installation, so I'll try a reinstall/repair and see if that fixes the issues. I certainly hope so.

Update: It was not a corrupt Win10 installation at all, but RAM issues. It turned out that one of the 8GB RAM modules was faulty, and then when we replaced that, it further turned out that one of the RAM banks on the motherboard was faulty. Now we've replaced the motherboard as well, and everything appears to be peachy-keen.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

AA Battery Box

Here's a little 3d printable box to take four AA batteries. I use it to carry rechargeable camera batteries.

It consists of three components: a bottom, a lid, and if you need one, a collar and clip that can be pushed on around the bottom and be glued in place.

The files are available for free download at