Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Planes in Order


I've finally got around to organising a permanent home for my planes, in an old filing cabinet at the end of my workbench.

Most of them are sitting on some soft squishy foam tiles in the bottom of the drawer, and there's a plywood sliding till above the #6 and #7 holding my beech rebate plane and a couple of little block planes. I use te #6 and #7 very infrequently, so the till is unlikely to be much of an impediment.

I still have to find a proper home for my #78 rebate and my #45 plough planes — I'll probably end up putting them (and a bunch of other special-purpose tools) in the bottom drawer of the cabinet, which at the moment is full of circular saws.

It's not the perfect position for the cabinet; if I leave the drawer open for easy access, shavings from anything held in the vice will fall straight into it, and when the drawer is fully extended it interferes with turning the vice handle. However, that last is something I can probably address.

I really want a bigger workshop.

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