Friday, September 18, 2020

New Huion Graphics Tablet

New! With added Glove Power!

My wonderful new toy arrived today, a new Huion Inspiroy graphics tablet to replace my old Huion 1060PLUS graphics tablet which replaced my even older Wacom Intuos, which stopped working in Photoshop, because Adobe are bastards. 

The 1060PLUS was a fine tablet, but it had its minuses: it had good pressure response, but was not tilt-sensitive, and the stylus was powered by an internal battery, which meant that from time to time I'd find that it had no charge. I could run it with the charger cable connected, but that's a bit of a pain; I haven't had to use a corded stylus since my very first Genius tablet back in the stone age.

The Inspiroy fixes both of those issues, and is also a thinner, lighter tablet to boot. It claims 8192 levels of sensitivity: my old Intuos only claimed 1024, and to be honest I haven't really noticed any real difference. More important to me is its 266 PPS sample rate, so drawing is very smooth.

Also, the Inspiroy came with a little slippery half-glove, to keep my hand from sticking to the tablet while I'm drawing, so that's nice. However, it's very synthetic, and I don't know how comfortable it will be to wear for any length of time, and I might just revert to my old soft cotton conservator's glove with the thumb and two first fingers cut off.

I got the shipping notice on August 25th, the same day I ordered it, so it's taken 24 days to get here from China — not too bad, considering the current international situation. It cost a little over a hundred bucks, all up; about one sixth what I paid for the smaller Wacom tablet all those years ago.

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