Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shapeways earrings: first look

I just got the first examples of Shapeways' metal casting, and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with them.

These ones are in polished bronze, and if you look at the picture at full size, you'll also be able to see what their raw bronze material looks like — inside the filigree, where they couldn't polish. It's pretty nice, in both states, and has the additional advantage of being a fraction of the cost of gold.

You can get them gold-plated too, which would be a good option if you want something non-tarnishing. It's a bit more expensive, but not nearly as much as solid gold of course.

Here's the link to these earrings again, just in case you missed it the other hundred times I've broadcast it —

The filigree is a bit confusing, bright on bright; I wonder if it might not be an idea to fume-patinate them and then re-polish the outside, so that the shiny bits show up better against non-shiny bits.

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