Friday, March 4, 2016

First Jewellery

As well as building little digital tanks and what-not, I've wanted to try my hand at some designs for 3d-printed jewellery.

This is the first fruit of that ambition: a pair of filigreed earrings. The design that makes up the body of the tube is my logo.

I've made them available in various materials — rose gold (as seen here in Shapeways' own material render), silver, brass and bronze, polished and unpolished.

I don't know as yet whether or not Shapeways' handling fees apply per piece or per pair when it comes to things like earrings, so for the moment they're sprued together to keep costs down. If it turns out I don't need to do that, I'll get rid of the sprue, because as well as being a waste of (possibly) precious material, it's also a hassle for the potential customer to have to remove it.

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