Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Head in Head

Oil pastel, A4. Click to enlarge.
The two earthquakes yesterday (one 5.7, followed an hour later by a 6.3) have once again laid waste to my workroom. I'm really getting sick of picking up thousands of little toy soldiers and roleplaying figurines and returning them to their little plastic drawers.

Fortunately, they (the earthquakes, that is) don't appear to have done any additional damage to the house itself. The roads are back to being a bit of an obstacle course, though nowhere near as bad as in February, and once again there is liquifaction all over the place — which means that we'll be back to having to carry dust masks when it all dries out and the dust clouds start to fly.

I have really had a gutsfull of earthquakes. They can fuck right off.

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