Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Time to Rest


I got myself a new tool rest for my lathe, on the cheap thanks to AliExpress. It cost about 22 yankeebucks, it's 230mm long, and is chrome-plated steel.

How the plating will survive I've yet to see. I may end up having to get rid of it and just polish the steel underneath, but we shall see — no need to borrow trouble.

The rod spot-welded along the top of the new rest is much smoother than my crappy old soft cast 150mm rest, and it doesn't grab at the tool the way the old one tends to. Plus, it's longer, so I have to re-situate it a lot less often. I've ordered a 300mm version as well; that one hasn't arrived yet.

Next task is to turn a collar for it so that it rests at about the right height for my lathe.

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