Tuesday, April 9, 2024

New Sketch Book


Because I don't already have too many empty sketchbooks, I felt that I really should buy this one.

It's soft-bound, stitched 16-leaf signatures of 90gsm laid paper, with the signatures alternating between bright white and ivory (cream) coloured paper. It has 192 leaves, 155 x 205 mm.

The cream-coloured sheets are dark enough that three-tone drawing would work well, but not dark enough to be overwhelming.

The paper is fine for drawing on, being fairly smooth but with an adequate tooth, but it is really too light for wet media. Its surface is okay, but it does cockle quite a bit with moisture.

It's a very convenient size to slip into a bag, or even a (fairly large) pocket.

I quite like it, though I'd like it better if the paper was heavier — say 110 to 150 gsm.

I like the format of this book. It feels a bit more spacious than an A5 book (though in fact it's pretty similar in size), but is more compact and convenient to carry around than an A4. I could wish the paper was a bit heavier, but at least it's of good quality.


Copic Multiliner 0.3mm and watercolour wash.

The paper accepts watercolour well enough, but it is really too light for liquid media, and it cockles quite a bit.

Faber-Castel 14B pencil.

I'm not enthralled with it as a graphite support. It's not terrible.

The light weight of the paper means quite a bit of show-through from the page below.

Copic fibre-tip pen and Faber-Castel coloured pencil.

It's okay for this sort of thing. Nothing special.

Dip pen and indian ink.

The paper really excels for this medium. The paper surface is quite hard, and doesn't grab at the croquil nib the way that softer papers can, and the pen leaves a very clean, controllable line. 

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