Sunday, January 21, 2024



This weekend, on January 20th, we had a memorial gathering for my mother, Hilary, near Kawerau in the bay of Plenty. She'd stated that she didn't want a funeral, but she did want a good party.

Lots and lots of people obliged.

I made this casket for her ashes out of reclaimed rimu, and engraved the brass plaque with the aid of my friend Ozy's computer-controlled router thingummy.

My sister Leah, and Mum's oldest and best friend Colleen, gave beautiful and moving eulogies, and several other people spoke as well. The weather behaved, the food was plentiful and good, and the day went off very well indeed, not least thanks to the good offices of Ren & Maria who provided the wonderful venue as well as the lion's share of the organizational labour. Excellent people.

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