Monday, May 23, 2022

Hollowing Tool Saga

 After struggling with hollowing a couple of cups, I thought I should buy myself a proper hollowing tool set. And so I went and had a look on Bangood, where I thought I could probably pick something up.

Sure enough, I found something that looked likely. This is what I thought I was buying:

This, however, is what I was actually buying:

I checked back on the page I'd ordered from, and after careful examination determined that they had not actually lied, they'd just presented the product in a very misleading way. So, that's it for me and Bangood; they've failed me one time too many, and I won't be doing business with them again.

Anyway, now my new hollowing tool needed a handle, and My friend Nick came to the rescue by turning a very nice brass (or maybe bronze, we're not 100% sure) ferrule for me.

The slot in the end supports the bar of the tool so that it can't twist, and the screws through the ferrule into the handle's tenon prevents the whole ferrule twisting.

I turned up a nice chunky, meaty handle and stained it. One of these days I probably should give it a few coats of shellac as well.

It got its first outing today, and I made this simple little oak bowl, about 120mm in diameter and 35mm thick, from rim to foot.

I foresee it getting quite a bit of use, so I'd probably better buy some more carbide cutting tips.

Not from Bangood though.

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