Friday, October 22, 2021

Archimedes Screwdriver


I found these tools today in a local antique/junk shop and bought them for myself as an anniversary present.

The long one is an Archimedes Screwdriver, something I've long wanted. It rotates by pressure on the helical lands you can see in the shaft, against spring tension that keeps it extended. It can be latched closed so it doesn't take up so much room in the toolbag. It takes interchangeable heads, though it came with only one, and finding more these days might be a bit difficult. It's in very good condition apart from the finish on the handle; its obviously been kept well lubricated and not been used as a hammer.

They've been largely superseded these days by electric drill-drivers.

The smaller one is a little screw-awl, excellent for creating the tapering holes you want for old-style wood screws. It has a nice boxwood handle.

The two of them together cost me about $25, so a steal really.

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