Saturday, July 22, 2017


I've been doing a spot of knife-carving on a scrap of pine. What I've found from this is that a scalpel, while nicely sharp and flexible in the blade, is bloody uncomfortable to use for this sort of work; my hands have gone all quivery from gripping its pathetic skinny little handle. I really need to make myself some proper carving knives with decent, meaty handles.

I don't really know precisely how this little fetish is going to end up, but I've got the general masses blocked out. Though I appear to have forgotten to give it any arms. Fetishes don't really need arms, right? Whatever would they use them for?

Enoch the Omnipotent

Later on...

I think I'm about done with this, except that I'd like to stain it and have a go at aging it a bit.

I shall call him Enoch the Omnipotent, after a Small God who once saved our D&D characters by manifesting a fortuitous handful of pennies in front of our pursuers. That, as I recall, was about the apogee of his divine powers.

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