Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I sawed something nasty in the wood shed.....

We have several spots where we stack firewood to get us through the winter. This is one of those spots.

This season just passed, I arranged a cunning set of tarpaulin awnings over and around here to keep the wood dry, since the carport roof doesn't actually extend right to the fenceline. I was quite pleased with my ingenuity until the time came to actually use the wood at the bottom of the pile, when I discovered that my cunning awnings had cunningly funneled all of the rainwater off the carport right on to the firewood, and, as is the nature of water, made it very, very wet.

So, now I'm engaging in sterner measures, and building something more permanent and weatherproof.

It's a simple construction job, but it has had its share of frustrations. Not the least being that the cladding is some treated shiplap palings I bought from Bunnings a while ago for another job, and had been sitting in storage since then. There wasn't enough to do the lot, but I thought I could just pop down to Bunnings for a few more..... oh, the naivety! Oh, the innocence! No, Bunnings had decided since then that they weren't going to stock that particular product any more.

Fortunately, some pretty elementary table-saw and plane work turn some regular palings into shiplap palings to match what I'd started with, so it was only a minor setback. However, I must say (as I have said before, more than once), that my table saw is a piece of shit.

Now I just have to wait for it to dry (because of course the palings are sold sodden wet) and paint it, and then slap on the polycarbonate roof. Which will, no doubt, be an adventure in itself.

Three days later....

Well, our wood shelter is finished and ready to receive wood.

Or buses.

I was originally going to paint it white, but it turned out that of all the colours of leftover paint at the back of my workshop, white was the sole colour absent. So it's grey, which serendipitously is better, I think.

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