Sunday, November 1, 2015


Productivity for today has been one more step in trying to make the front yard look just a little bit less scruffy.

Having cut down almost all the foliage along the footpath, removed the detritus after leaving it to lie for months, and pulled up the ivy that had grown over it in the interim, now I've laid a little treated timber border along the edge to delineate it.

The supposedly 5-metre lengths of edging I bought were actually about 4 and a bit metres, so I had to fill in the last section on the right with some old stuff I had out the back, but it will all weather to much the same colour in a year or two.

The next step will be to plant some hedging plants of some sort, and then to wait until they turn into an actual hedge.

It would all be a more fulfilling exercise if we weren't living right next to this feculent eyesore, but que sera sera. I really do wish they'd do something about all the shit left out on the street.

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