Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boo-Tee. Booty.

Booty for the day:

  • Stanley No.7 jointer plane. This is a biggie, about 650mm long and heavy. It's in very good nick, though it is desperately in need of sharpening (as are all of these).
  • Stanley No.71½ brass-body "granny's tooth" router plane, with a patent mark for 1884. Annette's favourite; she thinks it looks cute. It kind of does.
  • A pair of beech spokeshaves.

The big No.7 plane is used for getting lengths of timber dead straight, hence its length. They're not much used any more; its function has mostly been taken over by mechanical jointers these days. That means that they can be phenomenally expensive to buy new, though it's well worth shopping around.

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