Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wakizashi Bokken

I made this wakizashi bokken out of some scraps I had lying about. The blade is white oak, the handle is black walnut (I think). Total length is 612 mm.

Ironically, I'm no longer training at aikido due to having dodgy knees, hips and shoulders, so I'll most likely never actually get to use it for its intended purpose.

The handle has an oak tang running up the middle of it from the blade. The only reason I added the walnut wrapping was because the shape of the oak scrap tapered towards the handle-end, and didn't allow for a full-width grip. That made it a bit unsafe; it would be quite likely to fly out of a sweaty hand. The ovoid cylinder of the walnut handle gives a much firmer, safer grip, and I think it should probably be strong enough for a reasonable degree of thwacking.